Monday, January 24, 2011

Octasic Introduces Universal Video Gateway Software

Octasic introduced video gateway software that enables its OCT2224M chipset to deliver high-quality, high-density, high-resolution (1080p) processing for enterprise media gateways.

Octasic's OCT2200 series of devices, which initially pack 24 high performance cores on a single chip, leverage several innovations in DSP architecture to significantly reduce power consumption even at high levels of processing. The performance of the OCT2224M device for media processing allows encoding of two 1080p video streams simultaneously without the need for hardware acceleration. Combined with Octasic's new software suite, the OCT2224M videoconferencing solution provides high-density transmission for multi-party, real-time visual communications.

"With this new software suite, Octasic is doing for video what the universal port concept did for voice. Our customers can quickly build a single platform that offers all codecs, services and call statistics for a next generation video gateway," said James Awad, Octasic's product marketing manager.