Sunday, January 9, 2011

NTT West Tests Residential Services with Mu Dynamics

NTT WEST has adopted Mu Dynamics' Test Suite to ensure its residential gateway services, such as broadband connectivity, are properly functioning and secure in real world environments. The carrier's Research and Development Center is using the Mu Test Suite to test devices such as service edge routers and residential gateways for wired services.

The Mu Test Suite can leverage actual traffic from the service provider's environment to create test scenarios and auto-generate thousands of tailored test cases custom-tailored to the unique system under test. These test cases accelerate testing for scale, functionality, interoperability, resilience and security of the NGN service.

The companies said this approach enables NTT WEST to test the security and resiliency of their specific service and to identify and fix issues before deployment, ensuring a successful rollout. The Mu Dynamics approach also accelerates and simplifies this testing process.

"As the largest provider of communication and Internet services in Japan, using innovative technologies to proactively test our services is a critical part of our delivery lifecycle," said Mr.Takagi Director, Research and Development Center at NTT WEST. "The Mu Test Suite is instrumental in helping us ensure the reliability and security of our residential gateway services. This is achieved by using our actual network traffic as the basis for the test case creation."

  • In September 2010, Mu Dynamics disclosed that Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, the R&D arm of Taiwan's leading service provider, had selected the Mu Test Suite in order to quickly develop and deploy new services, ensure the security of its services and quickly resolve customer issues on the network.