Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NTT Com Builds "Universal One" Service Linking Enterprises to Clouds

NTT Communications
is preparing to launch a "Universal One" service in Japan in the coming months that links cloud services with the private networks of its enterprise customers. NTT Com said its coming service would address the number one concern of enterprise cloud services to date, namely, reliability in providing continuous access to cloud resources. To address this, NTT Com will provide redundant access lines, enabling enterprises to rapidly deploy cloud-based networks on a reliable, low-cost, scalable basis.

Universal One will offer broad flexibility in terms of location, operations, layers and even the type of cloud they use (see attachment). Services will be available in four different levels of quality and cost, starting at Y16,800 per month for a layer 3 network in Japan.

Key features of Universal One will include:

  • Comprehensive services, which previously had to be segregated according to the customer's network layer and type of access line.

  • Four plans offering different levels of quality and cost, from premium service for top-level reliability and quality to best-effort service for basic-level bandwidth.

  • Easy three-step process for selecting the most appropriate plan, bandwidth and options.

  • No need to design or construct network to access cloud services.

  • a high-function Universal One terminal enables end-to-end management for strengthened network reliability and business continuity.

  • All service plans include a backup access line to assure network availability.

  • In addition to seamless interconnection of layer 2 and layer 3 networks, connection to NTT Com's BizCITY cloud services (some available only in Japan) is provided at no extra charge.

  • One-stop management-from Universal One terminal to cloud-helps to lower costs significantly compared to complicated conventional networks.

  • the global deployment will unify domestic and foreign networks operating on different specifications; enable universal management and billing; create seamless global networks that support multinational business operations.

NTT Com plans will begin accepting applications for Universal One in Japan in April. The service will launch in global markets sometime in September or thereafter.http://www.ntt.co.jp

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