Sunday, January 30, 2011

NetLogic Doubles IPv6 Processing Capabilities in 40nm

NetLogic Microsystems expanded its line of IPv6 knowledge-based processors with the introduction of its NL82048 processor, which doubles the IPv6 processing capabilities for next-generation switches and routers.

The new device is capable of supporting up to 512,000 IPv6 addresses or 2,000,000 IPv4 addresses. It integrates 256 high-performance knowledge-based processing engines, and supports a daisy-chain clustering scheme that enables customers to quadruple the number of IPv6 addresses without impacting line rate. The NL82048 knowledge-based processor also supports more than a million Quality-of-Service (QoS) or Access Control List (ACL) entries.

In addition, the NL82048 incorporates advanced clock switching schemes to achieve an aggregate interface bandwidth of 80 gigabits per second and can perform up to 1.2 billion decisions per second. This capability to execute multiple parallel decisions during a single core clock cycle combined with our highly pipelined synchronous cross-connect bussing scheme enables customers to deploy 100 Gbps ASICs, switches, and network processors.

Sample orders of the NL82048 are now being accepted with standard lead times.


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