Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEC Introduces iPASOLINK 400 for 4G Backhaul

NEC Corporation introduced its iPASOLINK 400 designed for mobile backhaul, including LTE. It features an all-in-one, converged design comprising four universal slots that enable operators to swap in and out different backhaul technologies, such as microwave or packet transport as per their requirements. Carrier Ethernet and TDM technologies enable the aggregation of both data and voice traffic with greater efficiency.

"The NEC iPASOLINK 400 enables operators to adopt an ultra-flexible approach in the migration to an LTE, all-IP network. By combining multiple functions into a converged unit, the NEC iPASOLINK 400 allows operators to take an incremental approach by investing gradually in the transformation of their networks - from today's hybrid TDM and Ethernet backhaul towards the full IP transport required by 4G," said Hiroyasu Ishii General Manager of Global Network Division, NEC Corporation.

NEC launched its PASOLINK business in the early 1980s. PASOLINK has been widely adopted as a microwave communications system between base stations, with shipments of more than 1.5 million units throughout 145 countries. NEC noted that its iPASOLINK 200, the first product in its next generation series, to date has received a total of 23,000 unit orders in 18 countries .