Sunday, January 2, 2011

MetroPCS Offers $40/Month LTE with Unlimited YouTube

MetroPCS added a $40 per month, no-contract plan to its menu of 4G LTE services. The plans include unlimited talk, text and Web browsing on 4G LTE handsets. Three options are now available:

  • $40 service plan with unlimited talk, text, 4G Web browsing with unlimited YouTube access.

  • $50 service plan with the same unlimited talk, text, 4G Web services and unlimited YouTube access as the $40 plan. Additional features include international and premium text messaging, turn-by-turn navigation with MetroNAVIGATOR, ScreenIT, mobile instant messaging, corporate e-mail and 1 GB of additional data access, with premium features available through MetroSTUDIO when connected via Wi-Fi, including audio capabilities to listen and download music and access to preview and trial video content.

  • $60 service plan provides the same premium features as the $50 plan, plus unlimited data access and MetroSTUDIO premium content such as 18 video-on-demand channels and audio downloads.

MetroPCS is now offering LTE in nine U.S. metropolitan areas -- Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Sacramento and San Francisco. The next markets in its rollout will be Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

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