Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ip.access Intros S Class Office Femtocell for 8 Users

ip.access introduced an "S" class 3G femtocell designed for use in smaller offices and shops. The new S class supports up to eight simultaneous users along with some carrier management capabilities. The new S class femtocell is designed for use in smaller offices and shops and can support up to eight simultaneous users.

It is based on the technology used in AT&T's 3G MicroCell femtocell. Unlike residential femtocell units, however, the S class femtocells can be configured for open access, two-way handover with the macro network and real-time alarms, making them ideal for targeted deployment in high traffic or high value locations such as busy retail stores and offices. The first operator trials are underway.

"Home femtocells are fast becoming an integral part of operators' network strategies, but some of the heaviest data usage occurs within offices and public indoor locations. Now, with our S class and E class nano3G products we can provide easy, open access, solutions that both improve the service for end users and ease network congestion for the mobile network operator," said Dr Andy Tiller, SVP of Product Management & Marketing at ip.access.http://www.ipaccess.com/