Monday, January 31, 2011

FiberTower and BridgeWave Develop Gigabit Wireless for 24 GHz

FiberTower, a wireless backhaul services provider operating in 13 U.S. markets, and BridgeWave Communications have collaborated to develop an ultra-high capacity multi-channel reconfigurable radio (MCRR) designed to operate in FiberTower's 24 GHz licensed spectrum holdings.

Based on BridgeWave'sFlexPort microwave platform, the MCRR is a single, all-outdoor radio capable of delivering full-duplex gigabit Ethernet transport with very low latency at standard and jumbo packet sizes, while providing advanced carrier-Ethernet features such as Quality of Service, VLAN and Ethernet OAM support.

FiberTower has already carried out field trials.

FiberTower and BridgeWave are also working to develop and market a packaged solution that combines BridgeWave's MCRR with FiberTower's 24 GHz spectrum on a link-specific basis for customers seeking to deploy gigabit wireless solutions for high-capacity broadband backhaul and transport. This product will provide an additional source of revenue from FiberTower's broad 24 GHz spectrum holdings.

"Utilizing one gigabit-per-second radios in place of traditional OC3 or lower capacity Ethernet radios enables us to deploy our backhaul solutions more cost-efficiently, mitigating initial capital expenditures and reducing the need for future upgrades," stated Kurt Van Wagenen, FiberTower's president and CEO. "This jointly developed state-of-the-art MCRR provides a fiber-quality solution for further capitalizing on our exclusive 24 GHz spectrum licenses which cover the top 75 markets across the US."

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