Friday, January 28, 2011

Epitiro Launches LTE Test App for Android

Epitiro released a mobile handset application for testing LTE networks and analyzing IP performance.

The application is for Android handsets or tablets and can be used on dedicated test phones for quality of service testing; or to thousands of subscriber smartphones for nation-wide testing and analysis. The application enables the operator to measure specific performance metrics in various situations, such as in-building, in-motion (rail or car), city centres or virtually anywhere subscribers roam.

The application tests several network parameters including throughput, Jitter, packet loss and latency; as well as the quality of applications including web browsing, VoIP and video streaming. Radio parameters, including 3G/4G bearers and signal quality, are recorded.

Test data are presented in real-time on the ipQ Mobile Broadband Analysis platform, an on-line dashboard, where it is analyzed and plotted on geo-spatial maps - with GPS accuracy.

"Operators running LTE trials or limited deployments are interested to understand the network performance and consumer experience with LTE," said Jon Curley, CTO at Epitiro. "It removes the necessity to deploy expensive and cumbersome test equipment, instead measuring from the customer's device. Operators now have a scalable LTE test solution that can be easily deployed."


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