Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canada's WIND Mobile Implements HD Voice

Canada's WIND Mobile, which launched its network just over one year ago, is implementing Wide Band AMR, otherwise known as HD Voice, using Huawei's technology. Specifically, Huawei's core network is customized specifically to support enhanced voice frequency range from 200-3400Hz to 50-7000Hz.

"Our shared commitment to providing the latest technology innovations to our customers made Huawei the clear partner to drive our business forward," said Marius Armeanca, CTO, WIND Mobile. "Huawei was instrumental in helping us create a technology that will do for phones what high-definition did for television. With the customized Wide Band AMR Service, our customers will realize superior voice quality and an improved overall experience." http://www.huawei.com http://www.windmobile.ca/