Monday, January 31, 2011

BT Adds Stoke to LTE and Infrastructure Sharing Trial

Stoke is to participate in a new, consolidated multi-vendor LTE lab test to be undertaken by BT's Advanced Research Mobility Team.

Specifically, Stoke's multi-access platform, the Stoke Session Exchange 3000 (SSX-3000), will anchor tests demonstrating BT's capabilities in consolidating three or more different mobile network operators' networks within a combined, highly scalable and cost effective, core infrastructure.

BT has commissioned a research exercise to investigate key aspects of flat IP architectures for mobile networks, including LTE SAE (Long Term Evolution/Service Architecture Evolution). One goal is to identify new revenue generating opportunities to connect multiple service providers access networks into BT's future intelligent backhaul and transport network to carry traffic from a range of wired and wireless broadband devices.

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