Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ARRIS: 16X DOCSIS Bonding Yields 800 Mbps Downlinks

ARRIS and SK Broadband Inc. have bonded 16 downstream channels to deliver data throughput speeds of up to 800 Mbps. The testing occurred in SK Broadband's labs using an ARRIS C4 CMTS with Software Release 7.4 and an SK Broadband 16x4 modem.

"The ability to deliver 800 Mbps will enable cable operators to offer service that is competitive with operators using Fiber to the Premises and Passive Optical Networks," said ARRIS CTO Ken Wright. "By delivering this service over existing Hybrid Fiber Coaxial infrastructure, cable operators will be able to deliver a competitive service offering without making substantial investments in network upgrades."

"This is a very exciting technical milestone to have reached," said ARRIS VP Product Management Todd Kessler. "Data speeds about which we only once dreamed are becoming available to consumers and SK Broadband is leading the way. ARRIS has a long history of technological innovation as well as a commitment to open standards and multi-vendor interoperability, and this is a natural extension of our previous channel bonding deployments and a direct example of our commitment to the fast-developing broadband markets of Asia."http://www.arrisi.com/get/c4