Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Accedian Offers GPS and SynchE Support for its MetroNID

Accedian Networks announced several key features that enhance the synchronization and clock distribution capabilities of its MetroNID and MetroNODE 10GE demarcation units, including support for new GPS and Synchronous Ethernet options.

MetroNID GPS is designed to assure real-time services with an embedded GPS receiver that provides highly accurate clock synchronization for 1-way measurements of delay and delay variation of Ethernet links. It works with both indoor and outdoor antennas, tracks up to 12 satellites, and raises alarms if the GPS signal is lost.

The Synchronous Ethernet enables the deployment of the MetroNID with Synchronous Ethernet-enabled equipment to distribute synchronization and timing information across the network.

Other updates in Release 5.1 for the MetroNID include enhanced service creation capabilities that enable EVC creation based upon arbitrary lists of a full complement of CE-VLANs, in any combination. For the MetroNODE 10GE, Release 5.1 features a 4-port CE model, RFC 2544 test suite and environmental alarms. Both MetroNODE 10GE and MetroNID also now include RADIUS authentication enhancement and unified firmware.http://www.accedian.com