Friday, May 14, 2010

Whitepaper -- Aricent

LTE: Beyond the Numbers

Much has been written about the
numbers pertaining to Long Term Evolution (LTE). The fourth generation
of wireless technology... millions of subscribers... billions in equipment
spend... billions in R&D spend required... and so on. It is an established
fact that while LTE represents a huge market with an unprecedented
uptake rate, the nature of its complexity makes product development very

Additionally, LTE needs to co-exist
with multiple legacy and contemporary technologies for a long time to
come, and hence, wide interoperability is a must the touted numbers hold
significant implications for equipment vendors who seek to optimize
their scarce resources to best align investments with operator schedules
for LTE deployment.

LTE: Beyond the Numbers --the market
report- looks beyond these analyst forecasts to gain an insight into the
implications of these for LTE infrastructure development and service
deployment, as well as to evaluate their impact on equipment vendors.
Utilizing these different numbers in isolation provides only a partial
view of the situation at hand and how best to approach it. This market
report aims to view these numbers collectively and in a holistic manner
to draw insights and outline implications for LTE equipment vendors.

the full whitepaper here: