Monday, January 18, 2010

Procera Confirms Two New Major Carrier Wins

Procera Networks confirmed that two major carriers selected its high-end PacketLogic PL10000 80 Gbps platform. These initial orders, placed in the fourth quarter of 2009, were a culmination of almost a year of lab and field trials. Significant reasons for selection were strong customer references along with proven performance and scalability advantages.

Procera stressed the need for cable MSOs and mobile operators to grow their business by offering more differentiated and personalized services with combinations of cable, Internet and phone for residential and business customers. One method for differentiation is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, and understanding what applications are driving bandwidth needs of their users is a key business need for these carriers. The company believes that the need to identify and manage the network with the most accurate data will continue to be an area of investment in 2010.

"Once again large carriers confirm the robustness and advanced technology of the Procera solution, "said James F. Brear, president and CEO of Procera Networks."http://www.proceranetworks.comhttp://

ADVA Teams with Hatteras Networks on Ethernet Access

ADVA Optical Networking is enhancing its FSP 150 family of Ethernet access devices with the addition of Hatteras Networks' Ethernet-over-copper solutions. Hatteras Networks' solutions are fully integrated with ADVA Optical Networking's FSP Network Manager, and the integrated solution has been proven in global deployments.

The FSP 150 family provides devices for Ethernet demarcation, extension and aggregation to support the delivery of intelligent Ethernet services both in-region and out-of-region. The family enables providers to deliver profitable and differentiated Ethernet services over a wide range of transport options. Hatteras Networks' components deliver increased broadband over existing copper facilities.

"We are excited about our existing partnership with ADVA Optical Networking," said Kevin Sheehan, chief executive officer of Hatteras Networks. "They have strong relationships with many tier one carriers, a long and successful history and a world-renowned reputation for delivering value to these carriers. Together, we offer a true, end-to-end carrier Ethernet access solution."

EZchip Samples 100 Gbps Processor for Carrier Ethernet

EZchip Semiconductor has begun sampling its NP-4 100-Gigabit network processor (NPU) for Carrier Ethernet equipment. The NP-4 is designed for the next generation of high-density switch/router line cards that feature 200-400 Gbps throughput and 20-40 10-Gigabit ports.

EZchip confirmed that its NP-4 has already been selected for use by multiple customers, including Tier-1 vendors, in a variety of applications.

NP-4 highlights include:

  • 100 Gbps throughput for building 40-400 Gigabit line-cards and pizza boxes

  • Integrated traffic management providing granular bandwidth control

  • Enhanced support for video streams and IPTV

  • On-chip control CPU for host CPU offload

  • Power management for minimizing line card and system power dissipation

  • Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) processing offload

  • Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE1588v2 offload for Circuit Emulation Services

  • IP reassembly for advanced packet processing offload

  • Integrated serial ports with support for 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet

  • On-chip Fabric Interface Controller for interfacing to Ethernet-based as well as proprietary switch-fabric solutions

  • Utilizing DDR3 DRAM memory chips for minimizing power and cost

  • Software compatible with EZchip's NP-2, NP-3 and NPA network processors

Huawei SynchE 1588v2-Compliant xDSL Backhaul Prototype

Huawei announced a 1588v2-compliant DSL prototype with nanosecond-level time synchronization accuracy. This could support the Ethernet synchronization requirements in mobile backhaul applications for 3G/4G networks.

Huawei said its prototype leverages its proprietary high-accuracy time synchronization algorithm and complies with the IEEE 1588v2 standard.

1588v2, also known as Precision Time Protocol (PTP), is a packet-based time synchronization technology standardized by the IEEE. The 1588v2 time synchronization algorithm is originally designed on the basis of symmetric models, and asymmetric transmission technologies such as ADSL cannot effectively support the 1588v2 protocol.

"DSL remains the world's most widely used broadband access technology. Technical breakthroughs such as this one will enable operators optimally utilize their abundant copper wire resources, as well as achieve quick provisioning of their 3G/4G services. The leading xDSL time synchronization prototype reflects Huawei' s commitment to deliver a powerful and unique value proposition to its customer," stated Yang Zhirong, president of Huawei's Access Network Product Line.

Huawei Introduces IP + Transport Backbone Planning Tool

Huawei introduced a backbone network planning solution with a multi-layer tool that enables synergy between the IP and transport layers. The company said this multi-layer approach enables its iManager MDS6600 tool to ensure highly efficient network resource utilization, greater reliability, and lower operations and maintenance (OM) costs.

Enhanced network resource utilization is achieved by managing bandwidth resources based on traffic. This interaction between the IP layer and transport layer eliminates repetitive protection when an issue occurs, reduces wasted resources, and offers highly efficient protection and enhanced network reliability.

Amdocs Releases its Latest Tools for Service Providers

Amdocs unveiled CES 8, its latest tool set to help service providers evolve and expand quickly by exposing network, IT and data assets to a growing ecosystem of content and developer partners.

The company said its goal is to drive personalized and simple customer experiences by concealing the complexities of new applications and devices from the end user, all while ensuring that service providers can run lean and agile operations.

New capabilities in Amdocs CES 8 include:

  • Improve network planning with mobile backhaul capacity management operational product pack: This pre-packaged solution provides the mobile network planning and design tools required to address the specific needs of 3G and 4G/LTE Radio Access Networks.

  • Innovate and profit with new services: jNetX, recently acquired by Amdocs, provides a Java-based convergent service platform that synchronizes network services across legacy and IP network elements for rich communication applications in a standardized development environment. Amdocs jNetX is the service control point for Amdocs' prepaid solutions, managing real-time credit authorization and account deduction, integrating with Amdocs Convergent Charging real-time rating and account balance management.

  • Enhance product lifecycle management: This new offering includes an information-driven approach to product lifecycle management, combining the Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog with a workflow engine to enable service providers to rapidly define and launch new products. The offering addresses all aspects of a product's lifecycle, from inception through design, deployment, maintenance and retirement.

  • One e-commerce experience for all goods and services - from devices and accessories to pricing plans, ring tones and video: Amdocs Universal Storefront hides the complexity of service providers' different offerings and configurations, allowing consumers to experience a familiar, simple shopping experience.

  • Resolve device problems more quickly: Integrating Amdocs CRM products with a mobile device management partner, this solution allows customer care agents to resolve smart device issues more efficiently. Customer service agents can see who the customer is, what device he or she has, what applications may need to be updated or
    configured, and immediately run diagnostics on the device.

  • Personalize and monetize customer interaction: Amdocs ChangingWorlds' mobile internet portal delivers personalization for quick and easy access to relevant content based on users' specific interests. The technology also delivers prioritized portal menus based on users' previous searched content, thus reducing the number of clicks to relevant content.

  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs with small machine architecture - Amdocs Convergent Charging (Turbo Charging): Amdocs' real-time charging product supports the Linux/x86 operating system, and can now run on multiple servers based on the Intel Xeon family of processors, or on other x86 processors. As a result, service
    providers can support surging prepaid subscriber bases and data services proliferation by adding low-cost servers, and maintaining efficient charging operations.

  • Maximize network and IT utilization: Amdocs has introduced a new configuration management solution to support both IT and network components of their service provision infrastructure called the Amdocs Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Service Operational Product Pack. The CMDB manages the configuration of both IT and
    network resources for next generation network environments in a single database to ITIL standards.

Swisscom Picks Verizon Business Professional Security Services

Swisscom has chosen the Verizon Business Professional Security Services team to help it boost its security offer for companies headquartered in Switzerland. Specifically, Verizon Business will help Swisscom develop a new security operations center and a new security management center. The facilities, which will be located in Zurich, are due to become operational in January.

The new operations center will further enhance the security services Swisscom is able to offer its local customers by providing a local facility to handle security incidents and alerts -- a regulatory requirement for some market sectors. The management center will provide data center capabilities to support the delivery of Swisscom's comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated communications security services, which is designed to meet the needs of today's extended global enterprises.

The new initiative is in addition to the Swisscom and Verizon Business alliance, established in May 2008. The alliance offers Swisscom customers with multinational operations seamless access to Verizon Business' expansive global network and solutions.

Allot Launches Traffic Mgt for Tier-2/3 Service Providers and Enterprises

Allot Communications introduced its NetEnforcer AC-1400 and NetEnforcer AC-3000 next generation traffic management devices for tier-2/3 service providers and high end enterprises.

The AC-1400 and AC-3000 provide next generation granular visibility and policy enforcement, facilitating both a more accurate understanding of network utilization and improved resource management.

Allot's network and subscriber services including QuotaManager, TierManager, WebSafe, ServiceProtector and more. The new devices are powered by Allot's DART, which provides a multi-layered approach to traffic management by monitoring application, network topology and user behavior.

JDSU Launches Optical Test Handhelds

JDSU today introduced a new family of optical test instruments and kits to support enterprise and broadband service providers. The JDSU Optical SmartPocket handhelds are designed for field technicians dealing with optical fiber. They offer fast and accurate measurements of optical power level on single mode and multimode optical networks.
Mainly used to measure optical power level (dBm) in facilities, telecommunications networks, or cable television fiber optic networks, they can also be combined with LED or laser light sources for insertion loss measurement. The devices can measure insertion loss and test the continuity in multimode data communications and local area networks as well as single mode telecommunication and cable television-multimedia networks.

Avaya Unveils Integration Roadmap for Nortel Enterprise Solutions

Avaya outlined its roadmap for integrating products and services from the recently acquired Nortel Enterprise Solutions into its portfolio. Avaya's vision is based on open standards, communication-enabled business systems and effective, contextual, real-time communications.

"The integrated roadmap we're outlining today supports Avaya's commitment to providing customers with the advanced communications capabilities they need to manage and grow their organisations," said Alan Baratz, senior vice president and president, Global Communications Solutions, Avaya. "In developing the portfolio, our guiding principle was to deliver the most compelling and cost-effective systems and services to customers and partners."

Roadmap Highlights:

  • Unified Communications: the center piece of the unified communications (UC) portfolio is "Avaya Aura", a SIP-based communication platform that unifies complex communications networks. Avaya Aura provides an upgrade path for all existing Nortel voice and UC customers. The roadmap expands the value of Avaya Aura with the addition of Avaya (formerly Nortel) Agile Communications Environment (ACE). ACE uses Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services to facilitate the rapid development of communications enabled applications.

  • Contact Centre: Avaya Aura will also be at the centre of Avaya's contact centre portfolio. With this foundation, contact centres will move to a SIP-based, service-oriented architecture, simultaneously supporting multiple modes of communication. The new contact centre solution will be based on a new and collaborative work assignment model that will connect customers, agents, and information. The new capabilities will enable businesses and organisations to stay ahead of growing customer care demands for tighter integration and lower costs. The integrated roadmap will seamlessly extend Avaya and Nortel Enterprise Solutions market leading portfolio with capabilities for agent desktop, work assignment, experience management, analytics that will scale from mid-range to large contact centres.

  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Communications: Avaya IP Office, BCM, Norstar, PARTNER and Integral 5 all remain for sale with a plan to converge the platforms to the company's flagship hybrid IP offering, IP Office. Avaya will blend Nortel features, interfaces and phones with IP Office to create a richer solution with strong investment protection benefits. This approach follows the model Avaya has successfully implemented with other systems into IP Office. The company also now offers the Avaya Software Communication System, a SIP-based offer from NES for small and medium enterprise customers who want to manage unified communications from their data centre.

  • Data Products: Avaya will adopt the current roadmap of NES data products in its entirety. Avaya believes that the technology, customer base and innovative product roadmap represent a compelling value proposition for global customers. A key component of plug and play communications is the underlying, enabling network and the new Avaya data portfolio brings significant advantages of "Always-On" reliability, network efficiency and scalability to grow with customer's business needs. Included in the Avaya data portfolio are solutions for Ethernet Switching, Routers, Wireless Networking, Access Control and Unified Management.
  • In December 2009, Avaya completed its acquisition of Nortel's global Enterprise Solutions business as well as the shares of Nortel Government Solutions Incorporated and DiamondWare. Approximately 6,000 NES employees have joined Avaya, including 25 top managers. Joel Hackney, previously president, Nortel Enterprise Solutions, joins the Avaya Executive Committee as senior vice president and president, Avaya Government Solutions and Data.

AT&T and KORE Expand M2M Partnership

AT&T announced an extension of an agreement with KORE Telematics to support wireless data services through AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper Wireless.

As a result of this agreement, KORE Telematics will manage customers who can benefit from access to the AT&T Control Center's diagnostic tools as well as further streamline the recently introduced certification process.

AT&T said the arrangement extends the range of features and tools available to M2M developers to develop and deploy M2M wireless data applications. These features include connection diagnostic tools and processes that can help support rapid time to market.
  • In 2009 AT&T announced an agreement with Jasper Wireless to offer exclusive U.S. access to AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper.

DISH Network Migrates its 14 million Subscribers to Nagravision Conditional Access

DISH Network recently completed a migration of its more than 14 million subscribers (as of Dec. 10, 2009) to Nagravision's new generation security technology. The companies have signed a new ten year to optimize the resilience of DISH Network's security solutions, including the deployment of next generation security smart cards in addition to a broader scope of signal protection covering traditional and emerging piracy threats.

Verizon Launches Ethernet Service from CENX in NYC

Verizon has begun offering certified Carrier Ethernet services to its global wholesale customers via the new CENX Carrier Ethernet Exchange in New York City. Using the exchange service provides global carriers expanded options to deliver Ethernet services in the city.

Verizon's connection with CENX exchange, enables significant new revenue opportunities for global wholesale carriers, offering them expanded options to support their customers. At the CENX exchange, carriers configure their network interconnection to CENX as they choose. CENX then handles the translations and interoperability between Verizon and its carrier customers as services are turned up, streamlining the detailed engineering of such service setups.

"Verizon has a very broad range of Ethernet services, with many years of experience in offering and supporting Carrier Ethernet solutions," said Quintin Lew, senior vice president of Verizon's wholesale marketing team. "Working with CENX provides a powerful new option for our global wholesale carrier customers to access these services in New York City at the CENX exchange. This means expanded opportunities to serve our carrier customers and enable them to meet the needs of their end-user customers."
  • In November 2009, CENX (Carrier Ethernet Neutral eXchange), a start-up headed by MEF President Nan Chen, opened three Carrier Ethernet Exchanges in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The carrier neutral, co-location/data-center neutral CENX Carrier Ethernet Exchanges aim to streamline the problem of interconnecting various Carrier Ethernet services.

    CENX is offering a web-based member-tailored marketplace for service providers to interconnect Carrier Ethernet around the world. The graphic driven CENX Market is powered by CENX System -- a resilient, distributed, highly integrated system consisting of hardware switching & transport, as well as software backend & applications.

    CENX Services are: Resilient Virtual Interconnect; Unique Service Alignment; Flexible Service Inquiry/Ordering; and Real-time Portal/Management.

XO Links US Network to Hibernia Atlantic

XO Communications will participate with Hibernia Atlantic to offer high-capacity circuits throughout the US and Europe. The collaboration will leverage the recent 1.6 Tbps nationwide expansion of XO's ultra-long-haul network -- which more than doubled the capacity of XO's inter-city transport network -- to offer users high-capacity, high-speed connections to multiple cities throughout the United States, as well as Hibernia's fast and secure transAtlantic cable crossings to expand XO's IP network in Europe.

The partnership provides Hibernia Atlantic additional capacity across XO's US network, while XO benefits from the strength of Hibernia's transAtlantic cable crossings.