Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ericsson Selected for Mobile Broadband in Rural Chile

Ericsson is working with the government of Chile and Entel to connect people in rural locations across the country with mobile broadband and telephony service. The two-year project including deployment of voice services (2G) as well as the latest 3G/HSPA mobile broadband technology.

In 2009, Entel and Ericsson won a USD 45 million public contract from the Chilean government to provide broadband access between 70 and 90 percent of the rural population.

Ericsson said it is building, integrating and activating 2G and 3G at about 1,500 rural locations by deploying its main remote base stations. The company is also providing its microwave transmission solution, MINI-LINK, as a key component for the quick rollout of mobile broadband in rural areas with challenging terrain.

  • In August 2010, The government of Chile and Entel, the nation's leading telecom operator, announced a project to extend 3G and fixed broadband services across rural areas of the country, bringing coverage to an estimated 3 million people for the first time.

    The project, known as "Todo Chile Comunicado", will bring 3G coverage to 1,474 rural sites, as well as extending fiber optic nodes to 12 regional centers, over the next 3 years. The project is expected to represent a total investment of US$100 million with government subsidies accounting for about US$43 million of this cost.

    The network is expected to deliver a low-cost Internet service at 1 Mbps downlink and 256k upstream, as well as serve public facilities, including schools and health centers. The first phase of the project begins in September with rollout to 450 locations.