Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dell'Oro: DSL Shipment Revenues Rise in Q3

Third quarter DSL revenues were higher over the year-ago period for the first time in three years, driven by demand for access concentrator port shipments, which reached their highest level in almost two years, according to anew report from Dell'Oro Group.

"Port shipment strength resulted from several factors including record VDSL port shipments to support high-bandwidth upgrade projects, an easing of supply chain constraints that allowed some vendors to clear backlog, and a recovering global economy," said Tam Dell'Oro, President of Dell'Oro Group. "Year-on-year growth was greatest in Latin America followed by Europe, Middle East and Africa, while DSL access concentrator port shipments to China were lower due to Chinese operators shifting their broadband focus to deploying fiber utilizing PON technology," Dell'Oro added.

The report shows that Alcatel-Lucent regained the overall port share lead over Huawei for the first time in a year, partially due to strong VDSL shipments to the US, Europe and Asia. Huawei's overall port shipments declined sequentially as strong shipments of VDSL to Europe was not enough to offset lower ADSL shipments to most regions.