Tuesday, December 7, 2010

China Telecom Tests 100G DWDM with Huawei and Corning

China Telecom, Huawei, and Corning completed a 100G WDM ultra long haul transmission test. The test, which set a new record for 100G WDM transmission distance by covering a terrestrial span of over 3000 km, used coherent PM-QPSK (polarization multiplexed quadrature phase-shift keying) technology and Huawei's OSN 8800 platform. The traffic was carried in the C-band with 50 GHz-spacing. It also featured hybrid transmission of 100G/40G.

Another highlight of the test was Corning's SMF-28 ULL ultra-low-loss optical fiber, an ITU-T G.652-compliant optical fiber that has ultra-low attenuation (average attenuation at 1550 nm: 0.168 dB/km) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD), empowering new-generation transmission system to achieve ultra-long span reach and ultra-high speed.

Huawei said China Telecom is looking to 100G WDM ultra-high-speed transmission technology as the successor of its backbone network based on 40G WDM transmission technology. Its OSN 8800 platform offers the ability to smoothly scale to 100G and support hybrid transmission of 100G, 40G and 10G signals.

Zhang Chengliang, deputy general engineer of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, said, "This 100G WDM test, in collaboration with Huawei and Corning Incorporated, has demonstrated the positive outlook for 100G WDM applications. This test will help China Telecom step up efforts to provide more enriched broadband network services to users in the future."http://www.huawei.com