Monday, December 6, 2010

10X10 MSA Targets Low-Cost 100 Gbps Transceivers

A new 10x10 Multi-Source Agreement industry group has been formed to establish compatible sources of low-cost, low-power, pluggable 100G optical transceivers based on 10 optical lanes at 10G. Initial backers include Brocade, Google, JDSU, and Santur.

The 10x10 MSA is targeting a 2km reach to bridge the gap between 100m multi-mode and 10km single-mode solutions.
Unlike 100m multi-mode based on ribbons of fiber, the 10x10 MSA operates on a conventional Single Mode Fiber (SMF) enabling extended reach of 2Km. Compared with other single-mode 100G implementations, this approach does not require 25G electronics such as gearbox ICs to convert 10G data streams to intermediate 25G lanes.

Scott Kipp, Brocade standards representative and Chair of the 10X10 MSA, said: "The 10X10 MSA is ready to define a new price and performance trajectory for 100GbE that will significantly accelerate the adoption and economics of 100G deployment. Leveraging 10G technology helps the 10X10 MSA provide the lowest cost solution in terms of bandwidth per meter and bandwidth per Watt."

Santur CTO Milind Gokhale said, "The 10X10 MSA is exciting because it provides a roadmap for cost reduction of 100G optical interconnects. Using parallel optics that runs at the same rate as electrical lanes avoids the excess cost and power associated with gearbox devices and brings significant cost relief to 100G equipment."

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