Monday, November 1, 2010

ZTE Base Stations Deployed on Mt. Everest

Eight of ZTE's 3G stations have been deployed on Mt. Everest, includes at the base camp located 5180 meters above sea level. The Ncell network will provide voice and 3G broadband services for local residents and mountaineers climbing the world's highest mountain. Ncell Nepal is wholly-owned subsidiary of TeliaSonera and the second largest mobile operator in Nepal with 40% market share.

To withstand the high altitude and extremely harsh natural environment of the Himalayas, ZTE provided a tailor-made solution for the Mt. Everest project with a strong environmentally conscious focus. The micro base-station is based on the SDR platform, which has a low power-consumption, small footprint. A one-piece ground tower and heat-insulating Diet shelter are used in the stations, which allow them to be installed quickly without the need for earthwork and foundation construction. Solar panels were also incorporated in the design to ensure that the station has power supply throughout the year and be environmentally friendly.

"Today we are very proud to announce the world's highest mobile data service as we launch 3G services in the Mount Everest area in the Khumbu valley. This achievement is as mighty as the altitude as 3G high speed internet will bring faster, more affordable telecommunication services to the people living in the Khumbu Valley, trekkers, and climbers alike", says Lars Nyberg, President and CEO of TeliaSonera, the majority owner of Ncell."

TeliaSonera also said it plans to increase its CAPEX spending in 2011 to US$100 million to ensure mobile coverage to over 90% of Nepal's population and achieve 3G coverage in all densely populated areas.

  • In October 2007, Huawei Technologies and China Mobile announced the deployment of a GSM Base Station on Mount Everest at an elevation of 6,500m (21,325ft). The base station was intended to provide mobile network coverage for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay Team, which was scaling the summit ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games.


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