Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Verizon Deploys GPON to the Desktop for Russell Investments

Verizon Business has wired the new global headquarters for Russell Investments using GPON to the desktop. Compared with traditional switched Ethernet cabling, the GPON alternative can significantly reduce power consumption; decrease space requirements in riser closets, data rooms and conduits; and control capital costs related to network elements. In addition to the new networking infrastructure, Verizon Business connects Russell's offices globally with a fully managed Private IP network service based on MPLS.

"We opted for this new fiber-optic technology because it provides green benefits, and it's secure, scalable and can meet the needs of our future growth," said Gopi Chelliah, global head of technology and operations with Russell Investments. "Rather than opt for copper or other multimode cables, we took the step of deploying fiber directly to the desktop to improve network efficiencies while enhancing network capacity and controlling costs."