Monday, November 1, 2010

The CENX Carrier Ethernet Exchange Reaches 15M Possible End Points

CENX reports that its Carrier Ethernet Exchanges now reach 15 million Ethernet Service Locations (ESL). This represents the reachable number of end-points via the multiple Ethernet service providers connected via the exchanges. The milestone was achieved just 4 months after announcing attainment of 10 million ESLs and less than a year since the opening of CENX's first exchanges.

"We are seeing a sea change in the industry; carriers are rapidly moving away from incurring the expense and resources pursuing direct Ethernet connections. Our growing family of members and geographic expansion are becoming the obvious choice for executing interconnection," said Nan Chen, President of CENX. "There is no longer any reason for providers to labor through frustrating one-by-one service connectivity when CENX has made interconnection so easy by managing both the technical and process integration while providing standards--based, off-net monitoring unavailable from any provider."


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