Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Telegent Introduces Mobile TV Receiver Chip for Latin America

Telegent Systems introduced a single-chip mobile TV receiver supporting ISDB-Tb and analog broadcast TV standards with an integrated H.264 decoder. The solution is targeted at handsets supporting live, broadcast TV capability in Latin America and other emerging markets.

Telegent's TLG1180 chip enables ISDB-Tb to be added as a feature on low-cost phone platforms in which the mobile phone baseband processor does not have embedded H.264 decoding capability, which is the majority of baseband processors today. The solution's H.264 integration enables all video decoding to occur within the single-chip system, reducing power consumption, simplifying the design cycle, and reducing the overall solution bill of materials by more than 50% relative to designs that incorporate analog and digital TV and the H.264 decoder as discrete components.


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