Sunday, November 28, 2010

PMC-Sierra Intros High Density Dual Channel 6Gb/s SERDES

PMC-Sierra introduced its "SynthePHY" family of integrated dual channel 6Gb/s SERDES and programmable clock synthesizers for wireless infrastructure radio designs. The SynthePHY products offer 30 clock outputs that can be programmed over a wide frequency band, ranging from 3MHz to 1.6GHz and meet the phase noise performance required by multi-carrier GSM, WCDMA and LTE systems.

PMC-Sierra said its SynthePHY replaces up to four components by integrating dual 6Gb/s SERDES, jitter cleaner, on-chip voltage controlled oscillator, clock synthesizer and 30 programmable clock drivers (Fig. 1). It requires only 2200mW to operate all functions at their maximum rates. The high integration and low power of SynthePHY make it suitable for rack-mounted radios, as well as remote radio units where size and power are highly constrained.