Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Juniper Deepens CDN Offering with Acquisition of Blackwave

Juniper Networks has acquired the intellectual property assets of Blackwave, a start-up based in Acton, Mass., that developed Internet video storage and delivery solutions. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The deal reinforces Juniper's continued investment in content delivery network (CDN) technology.

Juniper said it plans to integrate Blackwave's technology with its own Media Flow Controller.

"The acquisition of Blackwave technology continues Juniper's commitment to the new network by serving the rapidly escalating appetite for high-quality video from anywhere to any device, " said Rajan Raghavan, vice president and general manager, Content and Media Business Unit, Juniper Networks. "The Blackwave technology brings storage performance and scaling capabilities that, combined with the Media Flow platform and Juniper's high-performance networking systems, will provide a compelling solution for our customers who require scalable and efficient distribution of content and high-quality video over the Internet."

Juniper Networks Media Flow portfolio is a converged content delivery and caching solution that improves the performance of rich media delivery by leveraging hierarchical caching, media-aware intelligence and massive scalability.

  • In August 2010, Juniper Networks released a line of high-performance content delivery appliances designed to maximize the scale and reliability of its Media Flow converged content delivery and caching solution for service providers. The Juniper VXA Series Media Flow Engines appliances, which leverage technology originally developed by Ankeena Networks (acquired by Juniper earlier this year), are aimed at optimizing content delivery networks (CDNs). Juniper's Media Flow Solution can cache and deliver content closer to the edge of service providers' networks, which can reduce transit traffic and lower CapEx and OpEx. Content publishers can deploy Media Flow as a next-generation origin cache, where its high scalability enables server consolidation, reducing costs associated with power, space and cooling. The Media Flow uses adaptive streaming technology to ensure a TV-like viewing experience even as network conditions fluctuate. Users also enjoy improved response times since content is served more locally.

    The foundation of the Media Flow Solution is Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller, a hierarchical caching software appliance that provides an awareness of content requirements, network conditions and storage infrastructure for optimal caching efficiency and performance. The Media Flow Solution also includes Juniper Networks Media Flow Manager, an element management application and the newly available VXA Series Media Flow Engines. Media Flow Controller can be deployed on the VXA Series Media Flow Engines or on general purpose x86 servers.

  • In April 2010, Juniper Networks agreed to acquire Ankeena Networks, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, for its online media delivery technology. The companies had been collaborating for several months and Juniper announced plans to leverage Ankeena software to offer high-performance content delivery networking and "3 Screen" media delivery solutions for the mobile and fixed service providers. The solution allows network operators to provide highly-optimized video delivery services using their own infrastructure.