Thursday, November 4, 2010

Japan's SoftBank Mobile Earns More from Data Than Voice

Japan's Softbank Mobile now earns more from data than from voice services.

Softbank Mobile is upgrading its HSPA radio access network with Ericsson's RBS 6000 radio base station.

Junichi Miyakawa, Executive Vice President and CTO of Softbank Mobile, says: "We are the first operator in the world to have higher revenues from data than from voice. Ericsson's solution for this coverage and capacity upgrade will satisfy our data-hungry subscribers. We want to ensure that our network performance remains among the world's best so we can make the most of both the data and subscriber growth we are enjoying."

Under the contract, Ericsson is deploying and integrating new radio base stations for the Tomeihan area which includes Japan's biggest cities: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. This area covers 50 percent of the Japanese population and represents one of the densest areas in the world in terms of data traffic usage.

The upgrade project has already begun, and is due to be largely completed by the end of the financial year 2010, which ends on March 31, 2011.


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