Monday, November 15, 2010

Intel Invests $14M in Layar for Mobile Augmented Reality

Layar, a start-up based in Amsterdam, secured EUR 10 million (about US$14 million) in a funding round led by Intel Capital joined by existing investors Sunstone Capital and Prime Ventures.

Layar is focused on mobile augmented reality -- technology that blends reality with digital information in order to enrich applications.

The company offers a Reality Browser - Mobile app for iPhone, Android and Bada devices. It supplies a free mobile software to embed Augmented Reality into any mobile app, and it offers and environment for the creation, testing and publication of Augmented Reality content.

"At Layar, we're constantly looking for more ways to bring impactful augmented reality experiences into people's everyday lives and this investment from Intel Capital is another step towards expanding that goal," said Raimo van der Klein, co-founder of Layar. "Augmented reality provides the richest experience on the mobile phone - an experience as unlimited as our own imaginations. This funding will help make these vast opportunities with AR a reality by providing our large ecosystem of content creators with the tools to build compelling and useful content."