Sunday, November 14, 2010

F5 Positions its Service Delivery Networking for Mobile Data Tsunami

F5 Networks, which specializes in layer 7 traffic management solutions, is positioning itself as a strategic control point for the growing tsunami of mobile data traffic. Specifically, F5's Service Delivery Networking (SDN) leverages its BIG-IP appliance to offer a set of integrated solutions for service and subscriber management -- such as intelligent traffic steering, large-scale IPv4 to IPv6 translation, secure DNS traffic management, traffic optimization and acceleration, and policy enforcement.

F5's goal is to enable a Full Proxy Services Architecture that uses the high performance packet processing capabilities of its BIG-IP for subscriber services ranging from DDOS protection, SSL VPNs, geolocation, rate shaping, fast caching, compression, TCP optimization, etc. When positioned behind a GGSN, F5's BIG-IP VIPRION could deliver intelligent traffic steering for policy-based, premium mobile services. It could also be used to optimize AAA infrastructure and specifically to address the problem of server overloading due to smartphone requests. In more advanced applications, F5's SDN could be used for dynamic, personalized ad insertion in mobile data sessions.

F5 has a number of ecosystem partners in the mobile arena, including Ericsson, NSN, Bridgewater Systems, bytemobile, Openwave and others.