Monday, November 29, 2010

Ericsson Shows Advanced Modulation Approach for 100G

A research team at Ericsson, in cooperation with a Swedish ICT research company, has now completed a field trial of 100G using advanced modulation and detection techniques. The trial achieved 112 Gbps on a single optical wavelength over an 824 km installed fiber route between Stockholm and Hudiksvall without touching any equipment on the path. The used fiber link was looped back for a total of 12 spans.

Ericsson said the trial demonstrated advanced techniques such as dual-polarization 16-QAM modulation and coherent detection combined with sub-carrier multiplexing in the electronic domain. The tests involved broadband radio technology that enabled a substantial increase in utilization of the inherent capacity potential of the fiber. Moreover, thanks to the leveraging on electronics integration, the number and complexity of optical components can be reduced and thereby saving cost.

Vinai Sirkay, Head of Ericsson's Product Line Metro/Optical says: "This trial is proving our commitment to the optical space, showing our continuous development of our flexible and resilient DWDM solutions. We see big operator interest in upgrading existing 10Gbps solutions to 40Gbps and find this type of upgrade vital to support the massive broadband expansion right now."