Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BT's Fibre roll out Passes Three Million Premises

BT Groups reported quarterly adjusted revenue of 4,977m pounds, down 3% compared to a year earlier, however, adjusted EBITDA came in at 1,452m pounds, up 3% year-over-year. Free cash flow improved as well, reaching 535m pounds for the quarter and 950m pounds in the half year, up 63%.

Ian Livingston, Chief Executive, stated: "We have made significant progress in improving profitability and cash flow, enabling us to invest in building the foundations for revenue growth in 2012/13. "We have increased our EBITDA outlook for the year and now expect to hit our 2bn pounds free cash flow target two years early.

"Global Services order intake was up 50% at 2.1bn pounds. Our fibre roll out has passed three million premises and BT Infinity orders are now running at over 4,000 per week. BT Vision customers now stand at more than half a million, with more developments planned to enhance our offering. Our share of DSL broadband net additions was 45%, one of our highest shares ever."

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