Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AT&T Looks to Mobilize U.S. Healthcare

AT&T is rolling out new wireless, networked, and cloud-based solutions for the healthcare industry.
AT&T, which generated approximately $4 billion in revenue from healthcare industry businesses such as hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and physicians in 2009, sees new opportunities for mobilizing home healthcare. Examples that use AT&T's technology include:

  • Medicine bottles that remind patients to take pills on schedule;

  • Devices that monitor patients' heart levels from the comfort of their homes;

  • Audio/video links that can replace the need for an in-person visit to the doctor.

  • "Smart slippers" that wirelessly monitor a patient's gait to identify pressure signatures. Capturing changes in acceleration and pressure measurements, the sensors could alert caregivers to respond quickly to falls, or possibly help prevent them.

AT&T's mHealth Services will be focused on helping healthcare institutions and patients manage disease, take the appropriate medicine, receive home care, manage weight loss, and monitor wellness programs. AT&T is also introducing a set of cloud-based, medical image archive applications and security services which will permit healthcare providers to share clinical data in a highly-secure manner, scaled to handle the huge bandwidth demands driven by live video, images and medical records. Solutions planned to be delivered by AT&T on-demand and "as-a-service" include managed hosting, storage, security and consulting services.