Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AT&T Builds Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet in California

AT&T is adding specialized, Ford F-450 trucks to its fleet in California. The new model has been converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) and contains a hybrid-electric system to power the aerial device. The first vehicle is part of the nearly 1,600 alternative fuel vehicles that have had been placed into service for the company throughout California.

AT&T began deploying fleet vehicles with hybrid and CNG technology in 2008 as part of an overall commitment to minimize its environmental impact and explore renewable energy alternatives. AT&T plans to spend up to $565 million in a 10-year initiative to deploy approximately 15,000 fleet vehicles nationwide with alternative-fuel models through 2018.

So far, AT&T has deployed more than 2,700 hybrid and CNG vehicles nationwide -- with nearly 60 percent in California. Overall, the company expects to purchase up to 8,000 CNG vehicles through 2013, at an anticipated cost of up to $350 million. Currently, the AT&T fleet includes more than 75,900 vehicles companywide.