Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ADVA Optical Lowers Latency with Optimized Raman Amplifier

ADVA Optical Networking is offering an latency-optimized Raman amplifier for its flagship FSP 3000 platform. The new amplifier implements counter and co-propagating Raman amplification techniques.

Whereas existing network implementations utilize higher-latency Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) to boost an optical signal before it is sent, ADVA's new Raman technology overcomes gain and power-control barriers to eliminate the use of EDFA amplification in the solution. This method of allowing amplification within the transmission fiber itself significantly reduces the quantity of amplifiers that need to be deployed throughout the overall network, which also minimizes the number of intermediate sites required along a route.

ADVA said its innovation enables faster connectivity along key financial trading routes, including Chicago to New York, London to Frankfurt and New York to Toronto.

"In our trials, we have seen the new ultra low-latency Raman amplifiers reduce equipment latency by as much as 50 percent on key financial links," said Brian Quigley, director of low-latency sales and strategy at ADVA Optical Networking. "This announcement is an example of ADVA Optical Networking's continued commitment to drive latency from high-performance networks."http://www.advaoptical.com