Monday, November 29, 2010

360networks Selects Juniper Networks

360 networks -- a facilities-based wholesaler of communications services -- has selected Juniper Networks' Junos Space, Ethernet routers and switches. Specifically, 360networks deployed Juniper Networks MX480 3D Universal Edge Routers, powered by the Junos operating system, at multiple POPs in its next-generation IP network for dense dedicated access aggregation and provider edge services. 360networks also selected Juniper Networks EX4200 Ethernet Switches with virtual chassis fabric technology for low-speed aggregation to the MX480 routers, to deliver a scalable high-performance next-generation network.

In addition, 360networks is using Space is an open, programmable network application platform that includes a portfolio of network infrastructure automation applications, including Junos Space Route Insight Manager, J-Care Agility Services and Junos Space Service Now. Route Insight Manager enables network-wide visualization and monitoring to help 360networks manage rapid planning, troubleshooting and change simulation for its L3 IP/MPLS networks. Route Insight Manager also records all routing changes network-wide and allows historical replay for condition analysis. 360networks uses Service Now to reduce mean time between failures and mean time to repair. Additionally, Juniper's J-Care Agility Services are customized network analysis services that help 360networks evolve its network efficiently and effectively as its business changes.

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