Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Verizon Wireless Settles Data Charge Issue with FCC

Verizon Wireless and the FCC reached a settlement regarding "mystery fees" the company charged its customers over the last several years. The settlement includes a record $25 million payment to the U.S. Treasury and refunds amounting to a minimum of $52.8 million to approximately 15 million customers. Verizon Wireless will also ensure that consumers are no longer charged the mystery fees for unwanted or inadvertent data sessions.

Verizon Wireless said that the single largest problem, involving the vast majority of credits, was caused by a very small data "acknowledgment" session sent by software pre-loaded on certain phones. For customers who did not have data plans and who were not otherwise using data features on their devices, this triggered a "pay as you go" charge of $1.99. http://www.fcc.gov

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