Monday, October 18, 2010

Symantec Offers Network-based Policy Control for Mobiles

Symantec is extending its mobile security and management strategy with a network-based policy control and enforcement solution that will allow communication service providers to dynamically apply user preferences in a consistent fashion to a variety of services. Such a value-added service would protect smartphone users from the growing number or online threats. It could also enforce parental controls, such as time-of-day usage or inappropriate vocabulary, on texting usage by children.

For example, a parent may choose to disable texting functionality for their child's phone during school hours or at night. Or, a corporation might disable photo sharing from mobile devices for their employee base. Symantec Next Generation Network Protection will also provide data retention capabilities to aid with regulatory requirements and usage analysis. Compliance with local regulations is simple with Symantec assisting in the archiving of mobile messaging and Web access logs, storage of content and traffic information, mobile data traffic management and an audit history.

Symantec said it will be able to provide flexible, customizable policy features from the network.

"We want to give communication service providers confidence that they are securing their customers' information and implementing customer preferences. Symantec Next Generation Network Protection provides that confidence," said Doug Havas, vice president of communications industries, Symantec. "As smart phone usage increases and mobile devices store growing volumes of valuable data, it's vital to protect the information while allowing for the flexible creation of desired controls that enhance the value of the subscribers' mobile experiences."