Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spread Networks Guarantees 15.75ms Latency for NYC-Chicago

Spread Networks, a new a privately owned telecommunications provider, has introduced low latency Ethernet wave services connecting New York and Chicago in under 15.75 milliseconds - the lowest latency of any commercially available wavelength services between these financial centers.

Each customer gets a dedicated 10 Gbps wavelength with a guaranteed round-trip latency of 15.75 milliseconds. The connectivity links Chicago and Carteret, New Jersey which is where the NASDAQ's data center is located.

"Offering the lowest-latency wave services available between these two critical financial centers reaffirms Spread Networks' commitment to providing enterprise customers of all kinds the new network standard for low latency, security and diversity between New York and Chicago," said David Barksdale, CEO of Spread Networks. "Spread Networks is offering customers a dedicated wavelength on our technologically advanced network, providing the utmost in speed, reliability and connectivity."

  • In August, Spread Networks unveiled its network, which operates along a completely new 825 mile route. The company cited round-trip latency of 13.33 milliseconds for its tests. Most connections between these financial centers have operated along railroad rights of way that avoided mountainous construction ducts in central Pennsylvania.

    Spread Networks is headed by Jim Barksdale (Chairman), who also is Chairman and President of Barksdale Management Corporation and former CEO of Netscape and AT&T Wireless, and David Barksdale (CEO). Its technical team includes Michael Strickland (Senior Vice President, Technology and Engineering), who previously was Director of Network Architecture, Engineering and Deployment at Level 3.

    Spread Networks cited several network equipment partners, including ADVA Optical Networking, Ciena, Infinera and JDSU. ADVA confirmed that its FSP 3000 WDM low-latency optical transport solution has been certified by Spread Networks and is achieving speeds of 13.33 milliseconds on the New York-Chicago route. Infinera also noted that its optical networking solution is designed to reduce the equipment drag on Spread's dark fiber by more than 80%, when compared to conventional DWDM solutions, thanks to new technical innovations ultra-fast transponders , latency-optimized optical amplifiers, low latency FBG dispersion compensation, and its flexible Forward Error Correction (FEC) modes.

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