Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RadiSys Unveils ATCA-based LTE Security Gateway

RadiSys introduced an ATCA-based security gateway designed for LTE networks. As an all-IP network, LTE potentially is vulnerable to security attacks. And with thousands of base stations and micro cell sites, there will be the need to secure the inter-domain links back to the network. RadiSys said its high-performance gateway provides a cost-effective solution to this challenge.

The RadiSys LTE SEG is the first 3GPP Network Domain Security (NDS) compliant security gateway. It provides IPsec tunneling and firewall stateful protection to LTE eNode B base stations, femtocells and home pico-cells. The 2U platform offers 10-15 Gbps of throughput, which is roughly a 5x performance improvement over current enterprise-class security gateways. The LTE SEG also provides a stateful firewall with robust IP filters and attack prevention mechanisms to protect Enhanced Packet Core network elements from security threats and cyber attacks. It supports more than four million concurrent IP flows with pre-defined and custom filters, consistency checks and denial-of-service (DoS) prevention mechanisms in a fully redundant 2U ATCA system.

In addition, the LTE SEG enables operators to enhance their existing 2G/3G mobile networks with secure wireless access solutions - including femtocells, I-WLAN and UMA/GAN - which use the public Internet to securely backhaul voice, data and video traffic.

RadiSys will offer the gateway as a standalone appliance or as a blade for other ATCA-based elements in the LTE network. The product will be sold through telecom equipment manufacturers. Trials are expected to start in December and commercial availability is expected in the first half of 2011.

"We have responded to our TEM customers' request for carrier grade security, and leveraged our experience as the leading standards-based ATCA solutions provider to deliver a rapid time-to-market solution," said Anthony Ambrose, vice president and general manager, communications networks, RadiSys. "The RadiSys LTE SEG is a purpose-built security gateway that can be deployed as a standalone network element, or easily integrated into existing Telecom Equipment Manufacturer products."

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