Sunday, October 17, 2010

Proxim Re-Enters Licensed Wireless Market with 622 Mbps Backhaul

Proxim Wireless, which was a pioneer of the point-to-point microwave market, has re-entered the licensed wireless backhaul market with the introduction of its Tsunami GX800 licensed point-to-point microwave backhaul radios.

Proxim's IP-centric GX800 is a compact form factor radio delivering up to 622 Mbps of out-of-the-box aggregate capacity with a wide range of frequency band support from 6-38 GHz. Channel bandwidths are configurable from 7-56 MHz, enabling the very high data rates. Proxim claims extremely low latency at less than 100us -- enabling the platform to be used for voice and video backhaul in carrier, enterprise, video surveillance and other deployment scenarios. The GX800 can transmit at 6-28 dBm for greater distance and coverage.

The GX800 utilizes advanced modulation techniques -- including adaptive code modulation (ACM) with modulation rates of QPSK to 256 QAM. Proxim is also introducing a priority-based packet transport system to ensure proper TDM and data handling. The GX800 features extensive Layer 3 protocol support including 802.1q VLAN and 802.1p QoS.

The GX800 utilizes a split-mount architecture consisting of a compact indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU). The product has an extremely small footprint, with the ability to install two IDUs in a single 1U rack. The compact IDU features a universal modem, is frequency independent, includes a Gigabit IP interface, a second 10/100 Ethernet port, USB port, and in/out of band management. Furthermore, it also includes simple plug-in modules for SDH/PDH interface expansion. The ODU is also simple to deploy, with both direct mount and remote mount antenna options.

The GX800 also includes a free link design and optimization tool to optimize the planning and deployment of every link.


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