Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Portugal Telecom Tests 10G GPON with Alcatel-Lucent

Portugal Telecom will conduct a trial of symmetrical 10 Gbps GPON technology in conjunction with Alcatel-Lucent. The 10G GPON technology will be able to co-exist with standard GPON on the same access network - meaning that the existing optical fibre outside plant is not impacted when the massive usage of the technology occurs.

"Portugal Telecom has been leading systematically in services and technology innovation, strongly investing in fiber-to-the-home - using GPON technology - to enable its customers to enjoy the highest bandwidths with the best quality of service," says Alfredo Baptista, CTO of Portugal Telecom. "However, as services and bandwidth requirements keep on evolving rapidly, it is fundamental to continue to assess and evaluate the latest innovations -- such as the symmetrical 10G GPON technology that Alcatel-Lucent is providing for this trial."http://www.alcatel-lucent.com