Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lantiq Intros GPON Chip with ONT Capability

Lantiq introduced a GPON System-on-Chip (SoC) with integrated optical control circuitry for Optical Network Termination (ONT) applications. Lantiq said its first-of-a-kind integration enables GPON ONT manufacturers to reduce Bill of Material (BOM) cost for optical components by up to 40 percent while reducing system power consumption, improving overall robustness of the optical network and reducing the footprint of ONT network equipment.

The power consumption of Lantiq GPON SoC based ONT equipment is 65% below the European Code of Conduct (CoC) requirements for 2011 and is lower than the currently proposed efficiency requirements for 2013. With a chip package-size of just 17 x 17 mm, the devices also enable very small footprint solutions. This small footprint enables a complete SFU (Single Family Unit) with a 1000 Base-T LAN port that is smaller than a business card (50 x 80 mm).

The FALC ON family includes SoC devices for multiple FTTH/FTTB applications. The FALC ON-D (PEF98010) focuses on data-only GPON SFU devices; the FALC ON-V (PEF98020) focuses on GPON voice and data SFUs, and the FALC ON-M (PEF98030) is well suited for MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) and CBU (Cellular Backhaul Unit) applications. All three members of Lantiq's new GPON chipset family feature integrated burst mode Laser Driver and APD/PIN-receiver-control circuitry which allows direct interfacing to a low-cost BiDi Optical Sub Assembly (BOSA). This industry-wide unique approach allows system integrators to offer GPON ONT solutions without the need for costly and area-consuming optical transceiver modules.

Sampling begins next month.

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