Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lantiq Debuts Latest ADSL Chipset

Lantiq has begun sampling its latest generation chipset for ADSL linecards. Implemented in 65 nm process technology, the new GEMINAX XXS V3 chipset packs up to 36-channel data pump in a 17 x 17mm BGA package. This paves the way for systems with 96 or more channels on a single linecard. Current ADSL chipsets typically feature 72 channels. The footprint is also about 30 percent smaller than existing solutions. The data pump of the GEMINAX XXS V3 is based on the same hardware platform as Lantiq's recently announced VDSL2 chipset, VINAX V3. With nearly identical ADSL/2/2+ firmware and API, system vendors have the unique ability to reuse for ADSL and VDSL linecard development. Lantiq has also driven down power consumption, enabling system manufacturers to build ADSL systems that are about 20% below the EU Code of Conduct (CoC) limits for broadband infrastructure equipment.

"Small size and easy integration translate to higher density line cards while low power consumption reduces the operating costs for our customers," said Hubert Christl, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lantiq's Access Networks Business Unit. "Our chipset integrates Metallic Line Test (MLT) functionality which allows operators to seamlessly and cost-effectively perform continuous testing of all-digital loops without disturbing the DSL service or affecting transmission performance."

The GEMINAX XXS V3 supports all international standards for ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+.

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