Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ikanos' NodeScale Vectoring Delivers 100 Mbps Boost to DSL

Ikanos Communications introduced its "NodeScale Vectoring" technology for mitigating crosstalk in copper access network and thereby enabling 100 Mbps DSL performance and above on loops within typical distance ranges. Other impediments including AM radio signals, power lines, lightning and other atmospheric elements inject even more noise into the copper network.

Ikanos' NodeScale Vectoring technology employs advanced algorithms and compression in high-performance central office silicon to relieve these sources of noise in the copper binder. Unlike line card vectoring, the Ikanos NodeScale Vectoring technology cancels noise across an entire network node from 192 to 384 ports or more.

The company calculates that its method can double the performance of VDSL at most loop lengths, achieving 150 Mbps rates at 300 meters, and 100 Mbps at 500 meters.

Ikanos' NodeScale Vectoring complies with the International Telecommunication Union standards group (ITU-T) G.vector standard (G.993.5), which provides for dynamic spectrum management level 3 (DSM-3) through the use of advanced crosstalk cancellation techniques.

"Ikanos' NodeScale Vectoring technology will deliver the performance of fiber at one-tenth the cost of fiber-to-the-home," said John Quigley, CEO and president at Ikanos. "With NodeScale Vectoring, we believe that service providers will save billions of dollars on broadband deployments by delivering high-speed, highly reliable Internet access and premium services over their existing copper infrastructure."

The complete Ikanos system includes NodeScale Vectoring compatible line cards, Vector Computation Engines and G.vector-ready customer premises equipment. The system can be deployed flexibly to increase the performance of existing VDSL nodes, as part of ADSL network upgrades and in copper plants that previously served only plain old telephone service (POTS). Since the same Ikanos chipset supports vectored and non-vectored deployments, upgrades can occur on a line-by-line basis for a pay-as-you-go vectored network deployment.