Monday, October 25, 2010

ECI Debuts Integrated OLT for GPON + Active Ethernet

ECI Telecom introduced its 1Net fiber access solution -- a next-generation integrated OLT (I-OLT) platform supporting GPON, active Ethernet (point-to-point), and full traffic aggregation capabilities -- all from a single chassis. The new I-OLT, which is a member of the company's Hi-FOCuS family, is being deployed by a number of operators including Openreach, part of the BT Group.

ECI said its I-OLT allows operators to deploy any mix of FTTx architecture, flexibly supporting GPON for residential services and active Ethernet/point-to-point for business services, while maintaining a single management umbrella. The solution allows flexible slot assignment so that the service mix offered by the access network is adaptable to customer requirements - whether residential, business, wholesale or wireless backhaul.

The fiber access solution is designed to accommodate the constantly growing capacity requirements of access networks, adhering to current and future GPON standards. The I-OLT's multiservice and aggregation capabilities minimize the number of nodes and elements required in the network, leveraging existing copper islands for any FTTx deployment. With full backward compatibility, the I-OLT is operationally compatible with all of ECI's 1Net Hi-FOCuS access solutions. The Hi-FOCuS family offers a unified management system for both copper and fiber deployments, allowing for local or remote provisioning, configuration and control, thus reducing complexities and operational costs.