Sunday, October 31, 2010

ConteXtream Virtualizes and Optimizes Application Flows

ConteXtream, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California with R&D in Petach Tikva, Israel, unveiled a new platform that virtualizes how network operators connect subscribers to content and services.

The goal is to leverage a cloud-based network virtualization framework to optimize every subscriber-application flow across wireline or wireless networks. Essentially, a network operator would leverage real-time awareness of subscribers and network conditions to link applications to the most-available servers across the network. The ConteXtream paradigm uses subscriber, network and application "context" to match subscriber and applications. This creates network-aware load distribution where each subscriber is matched to the best application server.

The idea requires precise state-flow data on all subscriber sessions. To meet this challenge, ConteXtream leverages industry-standard servers that are distributed and meshed together across any transport network. Each server is able to handle the virtualization and session processing for up to 7 million subscriber-application "sessions" and 40Gbps of traffic.

ConteXtream's Service Delivery Grid also optimizes content delivery on a per session by optimizing packet sizes, window sizes and by employing congestion control methods. The company claims this subscriber-aware session tuning can eliminate up to 50% of the packets transmitter per stream for some applications. ConteXsteam also sees its framework as a means by which network operators will be able to monetize over-the-top services.

Investors in ConteXtream include Comcast Interactive Capital and Verizon Ventures.

ConteXtream is headed by Dr. Yaron Simler (CEO), who previously was CEO of Scopus Video Networks.
The company was co-founded by Sharon Barkai (previously Founder & CEO of Xeround Systems) and Eldad Bar-Eli (previously with Cisco).


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