Monday, October 25, 2010

Cavium's NITROX III Packs 16-64 Cores for 40 Gbps Security

Cavium Networks unveiled its NITROX III family of security processors that integrate 16 to 64 purpose-built security RISC cores with high performance compression engines, virtualization hardware and a PCI-Express Gen 2 interface. The processors, which are aimed at secure and virtualized cloud computing and the borderless enterprise applications, deliver performance is up to 10 times greater than alternative multi-chip solutions within the same power envelope.

Cavium said its NITROX III Security Processor family will deliver unmatched SSL and security performance, virtualization features, compression performance and very low power consumption. Product designs will offer up to 64 cores for up to 40Gbps of security performance. The designs will also support 200K RSA Ops/sec for 1024 bit keys and 35K RSA Ops/sec for 2048 bit keys.

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