Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bytemobile Boosts its Video Optimization with Media Caching

Bytemobile, which supplies mobile video optimization solutions, released its new Unison Mobile Internet Platform featuring media caching capabilities.

The solution monitors network conditions and dynamically detects congestion in the video delivery path -- automatically applying the most appropriate level of optimization for an optimal user experience. Media caching enables operators to download and optimize a video once and serve it as many times as requested. Unlike standard caching technology, Bytemobile said solution seamlessly integrates video optimization and caching to enable both on-the-fly and offline optimization of content. The company calculates that its new media caching feature can reduce network downloads by 25-50% - further reducing the cost of video delivery and improving the overall economics of data services offered by operators.

Recent Bytemobile video optimization deployments show that nearly half of all videos requested on wireless networks are repeat downloads. On average, within a seven-day period, the most popular YouTube videos are downloaded more than 600 times, and the top video advertisements are downloaded over 5,000 times. As a result, a considerable amount of duplicate video content is traversing wireless networks and stressing the entire mobile content delivery supply chain.