Monday, October 11, 2010

Bivio Introduces Data Retention System

Bivio Networks, a leading supplier of deep packet inspection (DPI) network systems, has introduced a high-performance Data Retention System for network operators and government agencies. The Bivio Data Retention System provides tracking of user applications, networks and devices across wireline and mobile network infrastructures.

The Bivio Data Retention System uses proprietary record correlation technology combined with deep packet inspection (DPI) network probing to enable contextualized multi-source data collection and retention. The system links together disparate pieces of data to form a single record that represents the full context of the collected information. This information enables rich data mining for powerful cyber investigative operations.

Bivio said this approach differs from existing data retention solutions, which have traditionally focused on collecting data from a specific source, for example call data records (CDRs), IP data records (IPDRs) or server activity logs.

"Existing cyber investigative data collection and retention tools focus primarily on data recording rather than efficiently capturing and generating actionable information," said Dr. Elan Amir, president and CEO of Bivio Networks. "The Bivio Data Retention System advances the state of the art by delivering data-rich, contextualized information, enabling cyber analysts to detect and respond to complex security threats."http://www.bivio.net