Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vodafone Germany Publishes LTE Pricing Info

Vodafone Germany has posted pricing information for its upcoming LTE service.

Pricing is expected to start at EUR 39.99 per month for an LTE service delivering 7.2 Mbps and a data cap of 10 GB. The high-end package at EUR 69.99 advertises up to 50 Mbps and a 30GB cap.

Vodafone Germany has previously announced the selection of Ericsson and Huawei as its main LTE equipment suppliers. The network is expected to operate in 800 MHz, pending licensing of the spectrum. Vodafone will start work on the LTE upgrade at the end of September, and by next year 1,500 base stations will incorporate LTE technology.

In addition, the company has promised to extend its network and provide high speed internet in rural regions where it isn't currently available within the framework of the German government's broadband initiative.https://www.turbo-internet.de

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