Thursday, September 23, 2010

UAE's du Rolls out Dual-Carrier HSPA+ for 42 Mbps

du, which serves the United Arab Emirates, has rolled out dual-carrier HSPA+ service, offering top peak speeds of 42 Mbps. Technology partners for du's deployment include Huawei and Qualcomm. At launch, 98% of the populated areas in the UAE will enjoy coverage of the HSPA+ service. du expects to begin selling the first dual-carrier HSPA+ data modems soon.

"We recognize that mobile data is the new frontier, and we firmly believe that high-speed mobile data networks will be key enablers for the growth and future of our communities. We anticipate growth of new ecosystems and applications, which will trigger a lot of mobile data usage and traffic, and thus contribute significantly to the progress of the UAE. Customers can be assured that du will be the undisputed leader in the adoption and deployment of next- generation solutions, which will make life easier and better," stated Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du.